Monday, October 12, 2015

Thirst Quenching the Organic Way...

From time to time I receive products to test in exchange for my honest opinion.  Recently I received, from Influenster, a vox box containing Apple and Eve juice drinks.  I received three juice box sized Organic Quenchers, and a quart sized package of 100% organic no sugar added juice. 

Before I got a chance to try the juice box in earnest, my kids had blown through them.  And they loved them!  My daughter, who is quite verbose, explained to me that her thirst was quenched and that the drink had just the right amount of raspberry flavoring to it.  I quickly grabbed a sip.  The flavor is not what I expected, as I am used to non organic juices. I expected a more fruity flavor, but this was more like water with a hint of juice.  And I love that for my kids!  I try to give them natural when I can, and I like that the juice has 50% less sugar than other juices out there.  It makes me feel good giving them this juice as is also FILLED with vitamin C. 

Also in the box was Apple and Eve Organics Orange Pineapple.  This was for the grown ups in our house!  We loved it!  Perfect packaging to fit in our already full fridge, it is also designed to keep the juice fresh and is designed to protect the environment too. No sugar added, but it still tastes good, probably because of the blend of 6 organic juices that are in the package.  It is 100% juice and is USDA certified organic and Non GMO certified. 

The only issue I had with this is that because of the packaging, some of the juice is left inside, I tried to get it all out, shaking, turning and whatever else I could do to get the last drops of juicy goodness, but alas no luck. 

Definitely going to look for these in my supermarket on the next run!

If you want to give the juice a try, check out this printable coupon!  Enjoy!