Friday, July 24, 2015

Faith is restored....

For Christmas, my mother purchased me this beautiful jewelry box (see here)

I didn't open the package until much after receiving it, but when I did, there was no key.  I sent an email to the company and promptly sent me a key, which I then proceeded to lose.

Once again, I contacted customer service, who told me that it had been too long for me to receive a replacement key.  I was fine with that.  I asked if I could purchase a key, being that I had already put all my jewelry in there.  It was just staring at me on my wall, laughing at my carelessness.

The friendly customer service agent said they would get back to me about purchasing a replacement key.  I eagerly awaited more information. It is a beautiful piece, and I'm looking forward to adding the pictures to it, but I am slow like turtle.

So today I leafed through the mail and found a letter with hand-written  addresses instead of the computer generated kind. It was heavy, and I didn't know what was inside.  Guess what friends? This was inside!

Oh happy day! The company had sent me a replacement key!  Free of charge!  Talk about customer service! Thank you so much Hayneedle!  I actually pawed my jewelry, now that I'm able to access it again.  It's so colorful and pretty!  I missed my beauties every so much.

My preciousssssssesssssssss!

So for customer service alone, I suggest you visit Hayneedle and drop some cash there! Give them your email address and you'll receive a discount off your purchase. They have all kinds of cool items for the home at reasonable prices.  Have fun kiddies!